Made with FluCoMa

Below are pieces of music and software that have made use of the FluCoMa tools during its funded period (2017-2023), in additions to the official project commissions. Interrogating our design choices through early creative, practical use was integral to the project design, and we are very excited that people outside the project team have started to use the tools for their own work. If you've used them, please let us know on the forum.


  • Attempts at Stillness

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2017)

    Studio composition
  • Newsfeed

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2018-20)

    Studio composition
  • All the Noises

    Owen Green and John Bowers (2018)

    Performance / installation for hijacked and repurposed machine listeners
  • Neither the Time nor the Energy

    Owen Green (2018)

    Live electronics with bowed cardboard
  • Un fil rouge

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2018)

    Studio composition
  • White Goods

    Gerard Roma (2018)

    Performance piece based on interactive corpus exploration
  • Sonorities 21.4.18

    Raw Green Rust (2018)

    A live set at the Sonorities festival, Belfast
  • RGR-Beyond-280919

    Raw Green Rust (2019)

    Using the FluCoMa tools for mutually-interconnected co-sampling
  • SCI★FI★HI★FI Machine Learning Remix

    Owen Green and Matt Brennan (2019)

    Generative remix of Brennan's Citizen Bravo album, Build A Thing Of Beauty
  • Map Mop

    Gerard Roma (2019)

    Audiovisual performance piece based on interactive corpus exploration
  • (un)weave

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2019)

    For the Wet Ink Ensemble (flute, tenor saxophone, percussions including vibraphone, piano, violin, laptop) and further electronics
  • Race to the Bottom

    Owen Green (2019)

    Live electronics with bowed cardboard
  • Experimenta 28.9.19

    Raw Green Rust (2019)

    A live set at the 'Beyond Future Design' Symposium, Experimenta, Heilbronn
  • Big Fry-Up

    Gerard Roma (2021)

    An audio-visual investigation of frying, sizzling, sputtering, broiling and poaching sounds, through the lens of computer-assisted stirring.
  • Regulatory Capture

    Raw Green Rust (2021)

    An uncertain number of human improvisers, in uncertain locations, with uncertain connections, mediated by opinionated machine learning algorithms.
  • Dirty Dialogues

    Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Jon.Ogara, and Anna Xambó (2021)

    A live album on pan y rosas discos
  • Quartet

    Ted Moore (2021)

    A quartet for ensemble and video processing
  • Interferences

    James Bradbury (2021-2)

    A studio album made from a corpus of electromagnetic sounds
  • Saccades

    Ted Moore (2022)

    A piece for saxophone, electronics, tape, & video
  • Improvisation with/against Machine Learners

    Owen Green and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2022)

    A first duet performance with two of the founding members of the project
  • Portrait d’un ami singulier et pluriel

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2022-3)

    A piece for electric guitar and electronics
  • Les espaces négatifs

    Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2022-3)

    A piece for large loudspeaker array
  • Inability to End

    Raw Green Rust (2022)

    A studio album of the trio
  • Extension

    James Bradbury (2022)

    A collection of responses to the two pieces in the previous album, Interferences
  • detuning a tuning

    Anna Xambó (2023)

    An album on Carpal Tunnel
  • Rapid Enganglements

    Helen Bledsoe, Carl Rosman and Owen Green (2023)

    A trio for flute, clarinet, Partch instruments and laptop.


  • ReaCoMa

    James Bradbury (2019)

    A set of extensions for the Reaper DAW using the FluCoMa command line interface
  • Confetti

    Rodrigo Constanzo (2020)

    A suite of Max for Live devices
  • MIRLCAuto

    Anna Xambó (2020)

    A Virtual Agent for Music Information Retrieval in Live Coding
  • Mosaique

    Dominic Thibault et al (2021)

    A suite of Max for Live devices
  • Serge Modular Archive Instrument

    Jean Brazeau and Ted Moore (2021)

    a sample-based computer emulation of selected patches on the vintage Serge Modular instrument
  • SP-Tools

    Rodrigo Constanzo (2022)

    Machine learning tools for low latency real-time performance