A new podcast format

We are happy to announce that our new page on podcast. This enables more mobile, audio-only enjoyment of our video podcast interviews, from our site and on popular aggregators.

Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolkit for Max, SuperCollider and Pure Data - version 1 release

It is with great pride that, after almost 5 years of development, 19 alpha and 9 beta releases, dozens of nightly builds, more than 30 workshops, hundreds of feedback from early users on everything from its sound to its interface, we are pleased to release version 1 of the Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolset.

It brings an ecosystem of extensions to Max, SuperCollider, and Pure Data, for programmatic sound bank exploration via machine listening and machine learning algorithms. It also provides a learning platform, and a forum to discuss these questions of musicking with datasets.

Try it, learn it, discuss it at flucoma.org

Main development of the codebase and learn platform by Owen Green, Gerard Roma, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, James Bradbury, Ted Moore, Jacob Hart, Alex Harker, with significant contributions by Alice Eldridge, Balint Laczko, Chris Keifer, Daniele Ghisi, Francesco Camelli, Gianluca Elia, Hans Tutschku, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Leafcutter John, Mads Kjeldgaard, Martin Dupras, Michael Zbyszyński, Mike Cassidy, Mike McCormick, Nicolas d'Alessandro, Niklas Adam, Nikolai G., Olivier Pasquet, Rebecca Fiebrink, Richard Devine, Rob Clouth, Rodrigo Constanzo, Sam Pluta, Till Boverman, Timo Hoogland, and the many workshop participants.

Explore: A New Format !

As of today, we offer a third stream of explorations, by producing a short series of interviews with fascinating techno-fluent artists who share with us their views and musings on musicking through creative coding... and we start the series with a bang: Freida Abtan, in conversation with Jacob Hart.


Made with FluCoMa: Double Launch Today!

We are happy to announce two new strands of inspiring thoughts and musics based around and intertwined with FluCoMa's toolset today:

Firstly, a preview of the seven pieces premiered last summer, remixed and re-edited by Angela Guyton. A short clip to show an overview of what ties in all the works together. We plan to release a piece every other week, starting next week with the duet of Alice Eldridge and Chris Kiefer. Watch it here:


Secondly, a new series of “Made with FluCoMa" articles where Jacob Hart explains and showcases the relation between the musicking, the underlying thinking, and the creative coding. To start with a bang, we release two today: Oliver Pasquet and Lauren Hayes, and plan to release a new one every other week.

Personnel Changes: a farewell and two welcomes.

The FluCoMa team is mutating! For the last year, we will been joined by two research fellows in creative coding: Dr James Bradbury and Dr Ted Moore. The focus will be to strengthen the community around the questions of enabling Fluid Corpus Manipulations within their respective creative coding environments, respectively Max and SuperCollider.

Dr Gerard Roma has been offered a full-time position at Leeds Trinity University, and a such will contribute to a lesser extent to the project.

We wish them all the best in their new adventures!

International Computer Music Association: Best Paper Award.

Our paper, entitled Digging it: Programmatic Data Mining as Musicking, has received the ICMA's Best Paper Award at the ICMC 2021. The paper and the presentation will be soon available online.

Second Concert

Next week, we are premiering the last commissioned pieces, as well as holding the final plenary of the project, at the University of Edinburgh. Two keynotes, eight pieces, on three concerts, this should be quite intense! Everything is available online and the BBC will broadcast part of the programme.

Plenary #5: a Necessary Split

In light of the travel restrictions, we have had to postpone the concert of the premiere from February 2021 to July 2021. We decided to split the next plenary in two, with the reflexive element going forward as planned in February online. The concert and a short plenary will be held in July 2021, still at Dialogues Festival in Edinburgh, still in collaboration with the BBC.

Plenary #4, Despite Covid

We just finished the 4th plenary online, with constructive exchanges around the various affordances of the toolset: we really are looking forward to the gig!

First Concert @ HCMF

We are happy to announce that the premieres of the four first commissions will be held at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and that the concert will be recorded by the BBC for future broadcast. The event will also celebrate the release of our first toolbox. The third plenary of the project will also be held at the University of Huddersfield at the same time.

New Website Structure

We now have a new series of pages on this website:

  • the first round of commissions, including all the videos online, has its own page;
  • the plenaries now have their own page too;
  • there is now a growing list of other works made-with our tools.

We hope you enjoy!

A busy summer: our first plenary, new team members, more publications and softwares

Between September 20th-22nd, we were delighted to welcome to Huddersfield the eight creative coders involved in the early testing and refinement of the toolboxes we are developing. We were also joined by two external specialists and, together with the project team, we had a profitable three days learning about each other, brainstorming and subjecting the project, our methodology and first software tools to some critical scrutiny. A picture of the group in action has appeared on social media here and there. We are also pleased to welcome a new team member: Jacob Hart joins us as a musicologist, doing his PhD research around the activities of our creative coders as they encounter our tools. He is supervised in his research by Dr. Frédéric Dufeu, from the IRiMas project. Finally, more conferences papers and softwares are now available on our publication page.

A first round of publications

We are happy to announce that a few conferences papers, tutorials, code bits and digital debris are now available on our publication page.

Fully-funded PhD Studentship in Musicology/Analysis: Tracking the Creative Process

We invite applications for a fully-funded PhD studentship in the field of musicology and analysis to join the ‘Fluid Corpus Manipulation’ team for three and a half years. The successful candidate will work on an ethnographic and analytic project, tracking and documenting the creative process of six to ten digitally fluent composers as they integrate a new toolset into their techno-creative practice. The studentship provides 100% of tuition fees and an indexed annual stipend. For more information, download the full call here.

Two fantastic research fellows join the FluCoMa team

The two postdoctoral fellows joining the project are now officially announced. Dr Owen Green joins us from the University of Edinburgh, and Dr Gerard Roma comes all the way from Georgia Institute of Technology. Both made terrific impression on the panel with daring proposals and thorough understanding of the exciting challenges ahead. Exciting times! More info about the team here.